Breyer Value Guide

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The Breyer Value Guide is your on-line resource for researching the values of Breyer model horses and determining what your Breyer model horse collection may be worth.

  • Never second guess yourself again when trying to decide if a model you find is worth the price the seller is asking.
  • Learn how to be price competitive when selling models, and what factors make one model sell for more than the next.
  • Research your collection to value for insurance and estate purposes.


Classics and Stablemates are Coming Soon!

We launched the site with the complete list of Traditional scale Breyer models and their values, and now have begun to build the Classics scale guide! Although the button still says “Coming Soon” if you click here you will see our progress with the Classic scale guide.  Sign up for our Newsletter or follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

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Values are based on internet sales, on-line auctions, and trends in the collector market.